This section may answer some of the more common questions I get asked a lot.  Please have a read here first and if you can't find what you are looking for, then please do email me here


I got a personalised hoop from a friend but some of the information is incorrect, can you change it ?
Unfortunately no, I cannot change it, such is the nature of embroidery, once its stitched and hooped up, I cannot rip it back out and re do it.  I back my hoops with 2 layers and and a felt piece so it would be very messy to attempt this.  I would have to redo this piece again and would have to charge for this.

I am afraid to clean the embroidery!
Don't be! just be aware it is fabric and dirty hands will stain.  Just give it a little brush of a lint roller to keep the fluff away every now and then. Like any print, if left in the direct sunlight, it will fade so be careful where you hang and don't place it anywhere where it is damp.

What type of wood do you use in your earrings?
I generally use birch and bamboo.  Both are eco friendly.  

Eco friendly jewellery, how?
I use bamboo and birch, both sustainable sourced.  The resin I use is non-toxic, has no VOCs, no fumes or solvents, non flammable etc,  this is important to me as I work from home & I can't have any chemical smells lingering around the house.   I have sourced eco friendly glitter from another small seller, which is made from biodegradable cellulose film, this I use on the earrings.  I stay away from plastic packaging so I use kraft recyclable branded jewellery gift boxes & paper to wrap your goodies.  I might not always get this right but I will honestly do my best in this regard.

I have sensitive ears, can I wear your earrings ?
I use surgical stainless steel findings on the studs, this shouldn't be a problem.  For the hoops, I use brass, gold plated/ silver plated & stainless steel.  The wood is very light weight to wear and won't drag on your ears.

Custom jewellery
I don't make jewellery to order as such, but I can try and colour co-ordinate my existing shapes to match an outfit for example.  If you want studs instead of hoops or want to change out some of the brass pieces, generally that should not be a problem, but please email me to discuss first.  Please be aware there maybe extra costs involved with this.

The brass has tarnished, what do I do ?
Raw brass can develop a patina/tarnish over time, this is a natural discolouration.  However, if you prefer the shiny look, there are a few options to restoring the lustre of the metal.  Polishing cloths work a treat, & solutions like lemon, vinegar or baking soda will work well. I have used these all successfully. To use the tomato sauce remedy, just pop your bits in a bowl and pour some tomato sauce on top, leave sit for a couple of minutes, rinse off and pat dry.  The brass will be nice and shiny, simple and done in a few minutes.

Some extra tips on jewellery care
To help prolong the life of your jewellery, please be mindful of water-don't swim or shower in it, as this may damage it.

Perfume will also tarnish and damage the plating on your jewellery, so try to avoid direct contact.

To prolong the life of plated jewellery, you can wash it gently with soapy warm water, using a mild soap only if necessary. Getting junk out of nooks and crannies with an old, soft toothbrush is ok. You can also try some home remedies, like ketchup or lemon juice, all work perfectly well & are cheap!

Do you offer tracking?
Unless stated otherwise on the individual item's listing : All postal charges do NOT carry tracking. All items are sent by An Post, the Irish postal service which is a reliable service. For international orders, again these are sent as standard post with your local service.  If you require tracking, that is no problem, depending on the size of the piece and where it is going it can range from €7 - €10 extra

However, for any custom made pieces, these will be automatically sent tracked and a tracking number will be forwarded to you, you will see this information upon checking out 

Please Note: Proof of postage is always obtained and can be sent to you upon request.

Will you post direct to a friend for me ?
Want to send a gift to a friend, that's no problem, I'd be delighted, just message me with the details and I will post them direct. 

What kind of packaging do you use?
I use another small business for my jewellery boxes, these are made from recycled materials and are branded with my name.  Most jewellery items are sent in gift boxes.   I try and use eco friendly packaging where possible and the insert cards again are made from recyclable paper.  The embroidery hoops are wrapped with tissue or wrapping paper and packaged up nicely ready to gift!  Currently trying to source eco friendly tissue paper for this.