New Jewellery Collection - In time for Mother's Day!

My new collection is now live !   

I decided to call this .... drum roll please, The Colour Splash Collection, yes days and days of brain storming I'II have you know went into this ! 

I wanted to step away a little bit from my usual colour block scheme and add little dots and colourful splashes here and there.  I did trial a few pieces before I dipped my toe into doing more and my splatter discs turned out to be one of my best sellers yet ( Jackson Pollock eat your heart out ! ) and so if that wasn't a sign.

I put together a few images, see below to give you an idea of these designs, but if you want to see the full collection, you can hop over here to see all the pieces in this collection 

I am still working on more pieces, but seeing as Mother's Day is just around the corner, I thought these would make for a nice gift for all the Mammies.


handmade colourful hand painted wooden jewellery by the messy brunette, handmade in Ireland

As with all my work, all pieces are hand painted by my good self, I use FSC wood for the main parts and I like to add in some acrylics and brass to enhance the pieces. These are all handmade in Ireland.


Hope you like and till next time !