A little goodbye ....

Wait what ?!  What's going on you may ask ...... well after a period of 2 years of humming and hawing, I have taken the decision of closing off the embroidery section.

Why ? One of the reasons was, well Covid ...... yes bloody Covid, aren't you just sick of that word.  Before that appeared on the scene, I had decided to close up on some commission work and start moving towards workshops. Then everything changed and no more workshops, so onto some pivoting. 

Embroidery is a slow process and an enjoyable one, but one I felt a little bit frustrated with.  I decided to get back and do more personal commissions but time was not on my side, then trying to juggle all things covid related, deliveries with the brexit element,  throw in some home schooling & everyone working from home ... you get the picture. 

The jewellery side always tipped away and I got more and more into that side of things, so something had to give.  I waited another year to see if I could build a bit more on the jewellery side and to see if that was the area I wanted to niche down too.  You know I love all crafts and didn't want to be flipping and flapping about and you know its all about niches these days !


So now moving forward, I will be taking all things embroidery related off the website.  I will still share some works on my Instagram,  I am not giving it up completely but aim to get back to doing some for myself and I am looking forward to that !


Thanks for your support on this side of things and I hope you will stick around to see more from me.


Till next time