Five minutes with Simple Stylish Makes

Yahoo my interview with Simple Stylish Makes is up, if you want a quick read have a peek over here . Thanks to Joanna from Adventures and Tea Parties for asking me !

One of my next blog posts is going to be crochet related and if any of you are fans of Edie Eckman, stay tuned  ……. there might even be a giveaway!

Nothing else to report, busy prepping shop stuff at the minute, here’s a few peeks behind the scenes and if you want to follow me on Instagram where I post daily updates, I am right here


Laser Cut Wood Earrings made by The Messy Brunette


Rude Embroidery - its not all florals !


Till next time!


A Crafty Catch Up

Well we are into the beginnings of the new year that is 2017, so wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Like you all, I suppose I ate my way into a sugar coma and drank way too much.  If I see any more turkey sandwiches, i’ll throw up! I don’t do new year resolutions but we did manage to buy a Nurtibullet at the sales, so a major detox & some healthy choices are on the way, once the kids are gone back to school!

In between, I did manage a few projects …………………..

I won this little sticker pack from Happy Stickers on Instagram. You can find them on Etsy here  Really simple and easy to use, just peel and stick to your surface, these ones were personalized to my son’s name. Cute eh? Id love to try more in my craft room. Sorry for the last photo, too many little excited helpers!

Using stickers to update your kids bedroomsUsing stickers to update your kids bedrooms

I managed lots of crochet hats and scarves for some Etsy orders with my shop.  Here’s some.  I used a pattern from TLYarnCrafts, you can find her shop here. Toni has a great range of patterns.

Crochet Hat & Scarf Set made by meCrochet Hat & Scarf Set made by me

This scarf, I did for myself for a new coat, love this yarn so soft.  Its Wendy super chunky, I used some of this yarn before here and its a favorite for scarves.  Its a simple cowl and I must write up a quick pattern.

Crochet Scarf in Mustard

I managed to fit in some Embroidery, this kit is from Tamar Nahir Yanai , you can find her new website here.  I love her work and this little hoop is going on a feature wall I am working on.

Embroidery Kit

My love affair with Embroidery is continuing on, I really love it, I managed to get myself some of these hand dyed embroidery yarns from Jessica of Little Twig Designs.  I just need to figure out a special project for them now.  You can find Jessica’s shop here.


My first 2017 order came through and its a little crochet hat and booties for a newborn, so tiny so cute!  You forgot how small babies are.

Crochet Hat and Booties for Newborn

I have a few plans for my Etsy shop, I have been working on some wooden jewellery designs, I just need the kids to go back to school so I can sit down with no interruptions!  Also I have been working on a big embroidery piece.  Its one of the biggest pieces I have ever done & its causing me a bit of stress! Here’s a peek …


I am also working on a crochet blanket, the spice of life cal from Sandra Cherryheart, just taking my time with this. Love the colours. You can find more about this blanket here.


Finally, are you still with me? this turned into an epic post ha!

I am loving this fabric and planning on making more hoops using it,  this one was for my niece.

Embroidery Name Hoop

So what are you working on? anything interesting ? Any plans for projects in the new year?

Till next time !


Advent Craft Swap

Another little craft swap I decided to participate in.  I found out about this through Instagram, not sure who tagged me but thank you !

So #AdventCraftSwap was thought up by Fionnuala from the blog Three Sons Later.  Fionnuala is a fellow Irish blogger who’s blogs about parenting, crafts and life in Germany with her Bavarian husband and yes her three sons.  I first came across her blog on Twitter and I liked the German aspect as we have a Bavarian girl in our family.

So the idea was to sign up and make something festive and swap with your allocated partner.  No more than 5Euro was to be spend on materials.  Great idea I thought,  and I had just the project to do. So here’s my gift, it has winged its way to Emily in Athy and she liked it, yay!

Advent Craft Swap - read about my project here


Advent Craft Swap - read about my project hereThe pattern I used was from Romantic Motifs by Carina Envoldsen Harriswhich I blogged
about here.  Another chance to use one of her lovely patterns.

I received my gift from Aine.  She  handmade some Lemongrass Bath Salts. I love Lemongrass! Thank you Aine, I have used some of it already.


Have you done any craft swaps for the season ? 

Till next time!



#ThankStitching – With Amy from Random Acts of Amy

#ThankStitching is a series of daily posts (and hourly posts on Thanksgiving) in the month of November in which needle artists from around the world submitted their thoughts on why they are thankful for their particular needleart.  The brain behind this is the lovely Amy from Random Acts of Amy.  Amy is a hand embroidery artist based in Chicago and has been featured in many places like Mollie Makes and Mr X.Stitch.

So I decided to put my name down for this and participate.   To be honest, I was a little bit apprehensive when I saw the list of names , as some of these people I recognized straight away from following them on Instagram and my oh my their work is beautiful. But I had committed so no going back!

So here’s one of my pictures I submitted, and you can read my post on Amy’s blog.  Just click here.



You can also read the other participants posts on Amy’s blog here.  She has included their social media links so you can go and stalk ….. ahem …. look them up.   A great way to find other stitchy creatives.


Till next time!


PS I have some Anchor hoops available here

Book Review – Romantic Motifs by Carina Envoldsen-Harris

I finally was able to sit down and go through this lovely book after a some what chaotic few months. Thanks to the lovely people at Search Press I got my hands on it.


Written by  Carina Envoldsen-Harris, a Danish designer & blogger living in the UK.  She blogs here and has written extensively on embroidery.  She also has a shop under the name of Polkaandbloom where she sells her lovely patterns.

The book’s title is

Transfer & Stitch
Romantic Motifs
over 60 reusable motifs to iron on and embroider. 

When I saw that you could iron on the designs, I was delighted because sometimes as you know its hard to get those lines exactly as you want!

The books includes:

  • 32 stitched samplers, with notes on the stitches and what DMC threads are used.
  • 32 reusable iron-on transfer sheets with over 60 designs, yes you read that right! Even when the designs are all ironed out, you can still keep them and trace with them.
  • Instructions on the stitches used
  • List of materials you need to get started
  • How to  transfer the designs
  • Project ideas

First of all, what I liked about this book was the layout.  You get the design and the actual pattern details side by side so no flicking back and forth.  She gives great details on her patterns and they are all true to size  and in colour.  At the back of the book, you have all the iron on patterns, ready to be pulled out.  These as you know by now are all iron on transfers, which can be used multi-able times and you can keep them all nice and tidy at the back of the book in the folder.

Here’s some pictures on a pattern I used from the book.  The second picture shows how clearly the iron on transfer took to the fabric.  This project is going towards a crafty Christmas project, more on that another time!

Book Review

Book ReviewAnd the final result.  Ta-dah! A lovely Autumn wreath now hanging in my kitchen.

Book Review 'Romantic Motifs' By Carina

I have to say her patterns are relatively easy to do and you can mix them up and use different stitches/colours when you get more confident. She applies the patterns to some lovely projects in the book.

All in all a good book and well worth buying.

Thanks to Search Press for supplying me with the book.  All  opinions expressed are my own.

Till next time!

Maura x

Guest Post on ‘Live, It Love It, Make It’ Blog for making your own Embroidery Jewellery

I was asked by the lovely girls H & Sammy from the Live It, Love It, Make It blog if I wanted to take part in their September Maker Month. They do this feature twice a year.  Of course i was only too delighted to take part.

So my post was on making your own embroidery jewellery.  A simple but lovely way to use embroidery.  Please click here to read the post or click on the image below.

A big thank you the girls for asking me to be involved.

Till next time

Maura x

DIY embroidery brooch - tutorial and pictures

My Meet The Maker Interview

Well its all happening over at the Messy Brunette Blog at the minute! I did a guest post on upcycling bedroom furniture using General Finishes Milk Paint and Java Gel over on Adventures and Tea Parties Blog, you can read about it here. Thanks Joanna!

Upcycled Bedside Lockers & Chest of Drawers using General Finishes Milk Paint & Java Gel Stain

And now an interview I did for Annie from Mrs Crafty B blog has been published.  She does a series called Meet the Maker and asked me to participate so you can have a read here.  She has a lovely feature on this and you can read about other makers.  This blanket was featured.

Vintage Rainbow Blanket

I am working on a few projects at the minute, just trying to find the time to get them done! I cannot wait for September as the kids will be back at school and we will be in some sort of a routine.  Anyone else like this ?

Here’s a peek at the project that will be coming soon ….

Brooch Making

Till next time

Maura x


CraftBlogClub Challenge – Upcycle Children Clothes for a Memory Keeper

I decided to take part in the CraftBlogClub Summer Challenge, which was to complete an upcycle challenge of your choice.  You can read more about the challenge here.  The host of this challenge was Jenniffer Taylor queen of the #sewingrevolution.  So I decided to use one of my sons little shirts, you know you always have a favourite little outfit they wore and don’t like to throw away ….. so I wanted to keep this and use it as wall art for his room.  It would be something I would have of his to keep.

So this was the shirt …. there are little anchors running through it and it was cotton so an ideal medium to embroidery something on it.  So I decided to keep with the nautical theme and used this design from Kelly Fletcher’s “Embroidered Home” Book

How to upcycle your childrens clothes to wall art to display

How to upcycle your childrens clothes to wall art to display

I traced it onto a sheet of Sulky sticky fabri solvy , peeled it off and stuck it right on the material.  This product is great & acts as a stabilizer as well.  You then rinse it off with some water when finished your stitching.

Here’s some progress shots ………

How to upcycle your childrens clothes to wall art to display

And the finished result……. all hooped up and ready to hang.

How to upcycle your childrens clothes to wall art to display

Have you used something of your childrens as a keepsake ? Any other ideas ? Id love to hear.

Till next time

Maura x


Hoop Up a Housewarming Gift

Hello! and how are we all on this wet July day ( well it is in my neck of the woods, hopefully the sun came out wherever you are today ) Just a quick post today letting you know I did a guest blog post over at  It’s a tutorial on Hoop Art.  I did this as a gift for a friend, if you want to read more please click here or on the image below.

Thanks so much to Kasia for letting me do this and please check out her blog, it’s full of crafty goodness.

Make your own gift with this little hoop

Till next time!

Maura x

Craft Club Blog Challenge – 2016


So I decided to take part in the CraftBlogClub Challenge, hosted by Fiona of Fizzi Jayne Makes & Katie from Katie Gets Crafty.   I found out about this through the #CraftBlogClub Twitter Chat, which is a weekly chat for craft lovers and bloggers alike.  It’s on every Tuesday from 7pm – 8:30pm. Just follow @CraftBlogClub and use the #CraftBlogClub or read about it here  I am a newbie to Twitter so that was a great way to get to know & follow crafty people. I just took the plunge one night & joined in and it was full of friendly like minded people. So if you want to get involved with the chats, just look for @CraftBlogClub over on Twitter. You won’t be disappointed!

Now back to the challenge.  This years challenge was based around learning a new craft or technique, you can read more about the challenge here.  I decided to try some embroidery. Now my sewing skills are not the best & I regularly have spats with my machine but hand sewing is not so fussy, so I thought, & I love love hoops as seen in this post and fabric of course.  But I do love looking at embroidery pieces, they really are like little pieces of art.   I definitely think this was the push i needed to get started.

Here’s few pictures of my process & some finished pieces ….. what do you think?

My contribution to the CraftClubBlog ChallengeMy contribution to the CraftClubBlog Challenge


My contribution to the CraftClubBlog Challenge

Embroidery Hoop - CraftBlog Challenge


I have Jenny Hart’s book “Sublime Stitching  – hundreds of hip embroidery patterns and how to” and if you don’t know Jenny Hart, then get yourself  acquainted, as she has brought modern embroidery into the light.  This book has some wonderful designs and there are loads of transfers at the back of the book.  I just transfered the image to my fabric by ironing it on, simples!.  The fabric was some I had from good old Ikea.  I used 3 strands of Embroidery floss and a 5 inch hoop.  With the second hoop, I just used some perle embroidery thread and used the stem stitch.

I am loving embroidery so far and I am trying out some other stitches.  I have found the following sites/blogs particular good to start you off.

If you want to see my work in progress, I mostly use Instagram, you can find me here and I also have a board on Embroidery on Pinterest for some inspiration, you can find me here.

I started this little one a while ago, I used a heart motif & stitched the word Love, really like stitching letters! I did the outline of the heart in stem stitch.  I stained the hoop on this one, think it looks better.

Embroidery Hoop - CraftBlog Challenge

Embroidery HoopsHave you joined in on the challenge ? You can have a peek at what others having been trying over here.  There is a linky also if you wish to join in.

Till next time  – enjoy!