Christmas Stars with Felt & Glitter

Only 1 week left till the big day! are you ready? have you everything done? or are you running around like a headless chicken? hhmmm I find I like the build up & if I am organised I enjoy it more.

I made these a few weeks back so thought I would share, so here’s a quick little tutorial on making some glitter stars using some glitter fabric. Its kinda a follow on post from last week, you can read it here.  What can I say, I love a bit of glitter !

These are perfect to hang around the house or gift for those last minute token presents. My kids gifted some to their teachers.  On some I used felt and on others I used some Christmas fabric against the glitter.  I was just experimenting really but I thought they turned out ok.  Here’s some.

Fabric Glitter Star - Tutorial

Materials Needed:
Glitter Fabric, I get it from CloudCraft
Square felt pieces or fabric
Scallop scissors
Sewing machine & thread to match
Twine or ribbon

  1. Take your glitter fabric piece and cut out your star shape. I just traced the shape on the back and cut, the fabric is pretty sturdy.
  2. Now take your piece of felt,  and machine sew the glitter star shape onto the felt piece. Don’t forget to leave a little bit open for the stuffing.  When you have the stuffing in, place your bit of twine/ribbon inside near the tip  & finish sewing the star to the felt piece.
  3. Using your scallop scissors, cut around the felt, don’t cut too near your sewing line, you want to to leave a little scallop edging.  See the picture below.
  4. Fabric Glitter Star - TutorialThat’s it, all done! you don’t necessary have to use the glitter fabric, you can use this method with plain fabric, but the glitter fabric makes it sturdy and of course its glitter, any excuse to use it!

This more than likely will be my last post for 2016, so wishing you all a Happy & Peaceful Christmas.

See you in 2017!


Fabric Glitter Star - Tutorial

Fabric Glitter Star - Tutorial





Glitter Christmas Star Hoop Decorations

A quick Christmas project for you!

Glitter hoop Decoration : a quick how to ...

Who doesn’t like glitter and especially this time of year, its expected right?!  This project uses some glitter fabric, yes you can actually buy glitter fabric.  I get mine from this shop.


  • Hoops, I used 4inch
  • Fabric to match the size of our hoop
  • Glitter Fabric, it comes in a sheet
  • Wonderweb
  • Scissors
  • Shape you want to use, I used a cookie cutter in the shape of a star
  1. Cut your base fabric to match the size of your hoop
  2. Using the wonderweb material, mark out your shape & iron it  onto the glitter fabric, then cut out the shape.
  3. Peel off the wonderweb and place your shape on your base fabric, then you iron your star onto your base fabric.  The adhesive from the wonderweb helps to stick it.
  4. Then hoop it up, stick on a ribbon and its ready to hang!

Here’s some I made.  I have one pair left currently in my Etsy Shop, along with some other Christmas goodies.

Glitter Star Decoration : a quick how to ...



Till next time !


3 Quick Christmas Projects

3 quick Christmas projects to do
Take one ball of christmassy yarn & some old curtain rings! Just double crochet around the rings and add some embellishments like a star or some bells and other little bits you may have lying around and ta da instant decorations!

Use some old curtain rings and crochet around them with some christmas yarn, use for decoration

Use some old curtain rings and double crochet around with some christmas yarn and hey presto some decorations !


Take some old curtain rings and crochet Christmas Decorations

Christmas wreath, with some yarn wrapped around the ring, add some crochet stars, all done.

Handmade Christmas Wreath with some yarn and some crochet stars


Take some wooden clothes pegs, pull apart and glue the pegs back to back.  Make them into a star shape and glue all the pegs together.  Paint and distress for a rustic look and instant christmas stars!

Before ……

Take some wooden clothes pegs & turn into christmas stars, perfect for the kids to do! Before Picture ..

and after ……

Take some wooden clothes pegs and turn them into christmas stars!

Hope you enjoyed these quick projects. What have you done?

Till next time 🙂