When Catherine of Saint Cardigan put the call out for some crafty wips, I was only too delighted to join in.  Well I mean, what crafter doesn’t have numerous projects lying around!  I currently have 4 crochet projects on the go, yes 4.  I am leaving the painting projects on the long finger, as they say, until the weather gets better but I have been working on a small up-cycling project on and off when the mood strikes me, so here’s a look at mine.

No. 1 – This is one of my favourite blankets, that I have worked on so far.  I first posted about it here.  

I am trying to get a few rows done each night …… hmmmm well I am trying! I am using Stylecraft DK yarn and using a combination of colours to give it  a vintage look. Have I succeeded ?  If you want to give it a try, have a look the Happyinred blog, she calls it the Diamond Stitch Blanket

Vintage Rainbow Blanket

Vintage Crochet Rainbow Blanket

No. 2  Next on my list are these cute little Maybelle flowers. I made some back in December for a quick present and decided to try and use the tutorial over on My Rose Valley Blog for squaring them up and then magically joining them to make some cushion covers.  I have gotten this far …. what do you think ?

Maybell Flower Squares

Maybelle Flower Squares

No. 3   Working on some cowls using this stitch.  It’s sometimes referred to as the Camel Stitch or the Knit Stitch.  Loving it, whatever it is, and love using this super chunky yarn.  I am not sticking to a pattern, as such, just working in the round and seeing how it takes. Hope to post more on this project soon.

Crochet - the camel stitch or knit stitch

No. 4  This has been a wip for sooooooo long, I keep looking at it and saying ‘I must finish it now’ then I forget about it.  I am using some t-shirt yarn and I find it hard on my hands, so that’s my excuse!!

Crochet t-shirt rug

No. 5 Last on the list is this little up-cycling project.  I have loads of these plate chargers.  I love messing around with different mediums to create effects. This was the plate before ….

Upcycling - plate chargers to vintage plates

and this is the plate after ………..  I was trying to make it look old and vintage looking.  What do you think ? I used some scrap book paper, acrylic paint, bitumen, and gold leaf.  I started with the paper and worked from there.  I love aging things and this was my first time using gold leaf.  Maybe I was a little heavy handed with it but I love the effect.

Upcycling - plate chargers to vintage plates


So that’s it from me, hope you enjoyed looking at my wips.  I usually post these on Instagram and you can find me here if you want see more. So come over and say hi!

If you want to head over to Catherine’s blog and join in or maybe you just want to look and drool over other people’s work …….. well just click here.

Catherine is a fellow crafter and does weaving and crochet and has fabulous nails!  After seeing shots of her pretty nails, well let’s just say mine are a disgrace.. I especially love this little DIY tutorial she did on making a little terrarium, you can read more about it here.  

Thank you Catherine for letting me join in. X