Hi All,

It’s such a wet miserable morning over here.  Time to pull out the thermals ! It can be so hard to motivate yourself when the weather is crap but, I found this and I thought to share it with you all.  So here goes.

I am currently doing a course called Blog with Pip, Pip of Meet Me At Mikes Fame.  Isn’t she the business?! Such a great inspiration.  Details of the course can be found here.

So, as part of the course work she suggested we “take stock” as it were of our lives currently with this list.  Now, when I saw the word list, I shot up!!! I love my lists, so I do!  I have post it notes stuck up on the fridge with lists written all over them.  I have a small handbag diary, which has loads of lists written daily into them.  I have even created a calendar for the blog which has lists of things to do scribbled on it.  So there you go I am the queen of lists.  Sad, you may think, but hey!


Calendar & Diary Lists

A very exciting shopping list !

A very exciting shopping list !









My other excuse to indulge in this passion is himself forgets everything so I have to remember all his crap as well so yea lists are the biz!!

Now that I have confessed to this pathetic trait of mine
<red face>  Here’s my take on “taking stock” <clears throat> puts down corn flakes.

Making: A coat hook for my mother from an old cot bed
Cooking:  Pork chops soon enough
Drinking:  Coffee
Reading: A David Baldacci novel called “The Forgotten”
Wanting: To win the lotto
Looking: At the giant spot on my husband back
Playing: With BuzzLight Year no. 2, no 1 is in toy hospital
Deciding: If i will have more corn flakes
Wishing: The bloody cheque would clear, its been 2 weeks!
Enjoying: The peace and quiet (school time!)
Waiting: On Terry to repair my oven
Liking: My brown boots again
Wondering: If the bloody job will happen!
Loving: My sprogs
Pondering: If this blog is going to work
Considering: If I should do a lampshade workshop
Watching: The real housewives of New Jersey
Hoping: Mary will be ok with her treatment
Marvelling: At my sons progress in the language unit
Needing: A night out
Smelling: Farts
Wearing: Jeans and a long jumper thing that I found in wardrobe
Following: Home and Away
Noticing: The state of my car
Knowing: It’s going to be a struggle for another bit
Thinking: I need to get heating oil
Feeling: A bit creaky today
Admiring: My sons curly hair
Sorting: Through my yarn stash
Buying: Calligraphy dip pens
Getting: Some more coffee
Bookmarking: beginnerblogs.com
Disliking: My weighing scales
Opening: A packet of crisps
Giggling: At my son saying buckaroo sounds like ‘f**k you too’
Feeling: A bit fat today
Snacking:  On dark chocolate
Coveting: Said dark chocolate
Helping: Myself to more dark chocolate
Hearing: My sons coming back from school, roaring for me

So have a go yourself, it was a bit therapeutic listing these, I must say.  I really need to lay off the dark chocolate though.

Till next time, see ya !

Oh yes! thinking of doing a tutorial on this, what you think ?

Work in progress

Work in progress