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  • Guinness Cake …. a recipe

    Some man cake for you ! This was meant for Father’s Day but I keep forgetting to buy the Guinness! So finally I got around to making it and yes, it was worth the wait …… just in time for himself’s birthday actually. Ingredients: 250ml/9floz Guinness 250g/9oz unsalted butter 80g/3oz cocoa powder 400g/14oz caster sugar … Continue reading Guinness Cake …. a recipe View Post
  • April was a busy month in our house for birthdays, my two smallies both had their birthdays in April, so lots of Cake time! This cake recipe I got from an old friend, we just call it the letter cake, kinda says it all really, a cake made in the child’s initial!   It’s simple … Continue reading The Letter Birthday Cake! View Post