Using colouring pencils with embroideryA post for St. Patricks Day!  This is our National Holiday here so I wish you all a  Happy St. Patricks Day for the 17th ( not paddys day and not pattys day, mind !)

Anyways onto the project on hand – using colouring pencils with embroidery. What! I hear you say, why, yes, yes  you can…..

I used this technique recently when embroidering up a shamrock, and thought I would share the process here.

Firstly, I just outlined the shamrock using stem stitch , I did two rows around and filled in the edges a bit more. I confess I was a bit lazy and really didn’t want to fill in the rest of the shamrock so I had the brain wave of colouring in the rest with colouring pencils.  If you follow the Kitchsy Stitcher on Instagram, you’ll know she uses this technique a lot in her work, so I decided I would give it a go here.

I already had some water colouring pencils in my stash, nothing special about them, just a regular brand I had.

Using colouring pencils with embroidery

So I just coloured in the fabric like you would with paper.  When it was coloured in, I used a small paint brush dipped in water and blended in the colour more.  I did this until I was happy with the result.  I confess I wasn’t mad about it so I left it there to dry.  When I checked the next day, it was so much better ! It dried a lot brighter and it blended in really well.  I heat set it with my iron but  I don’t think it really matters if you don’t do this step, as its not going to be washed.

Here it is all hooped up and ready to go. What ya think ? I must try this more in my embroidery.

Using colouring pencils with embroidery

Till next time ! ….. oh  ……. and Happy St. Patrick’s Day


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