Slimming World, Jeans & Me!



So I decided to start slimming world, seeing as my arse would not fit into my skinny jeans, wait !, lets not fool myself, they are slim cut, meaning straight leg. Ah yes, the wonderful world of jeans, don’t you just hate all the names they have nowadays for jeans?.  Slim cut, straight cut, high-waisted, low waisted, flare, jeggings, skinny, boot cut, boyfriend. The list goes on ….., its bloody exhausting shopping for jeans these days.

So my favourite pair, which were from Oasis, and were a boyfriend fit (meaning they are a slouchy fit, helped keep my belly flab under control and a nice wide leg so, no thigh muscle under scrutiny !) would not tie.  I tried various maneuvers to get that zip up & when I did I was exhausted and out of breath.  So that did it, Slimming World here I come!  I had years ago tried & quiet successfully did Weight Watchers but wasn’t too keen on keeping track of the points and I didn’t want to become a points bore.  So i spent a week gearing myself up. This meant eating my own body weight in food coz, you know, I was going dieting and needed to finish off all the nice stuff in the house first, makes sense, yes? So roll on the corn flakes, the tayto’s, the chocolate and I got going.


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Then I spent another week gearing myself up because well ….. I have no will power that’s until I got a kick up the arse from my sister, which only a sister can do & then my mother basically confirmed it, so with the following words ringing in my ears  “Yea you have put on weight, those jeans are terrible on you!” I signed up.

Now as a newbie with Slimming World, I had to stay for the first meeting, I was told. My sister had advised me I could just weigh in & go! So there, sitting amongst my fellow fat fighters I stayed & listened to everybody’s story.  There was *Peg, who had put on 2Ib that week & could not figure out why, until she discovered she was addicted to Ballymaloe Beetroot.  This resulted in a long and quiet descriptive discussion on beetroot.  There was *Tom, who won slimmer of the week, he lost 3lb and won a basket of cardboard goodies.  And *Jackie, who was a repeat offender and was back again to try & conquer the flab.

I left soon after, clutching my prized Slimming World book full of tips and recipes and  with a new lease I read it cover to cover, googled recipes and created a new board over at Pinterest, you can see it here.

So folks, have any of you tried Slimming Word? or any other diet.  Are you a diet junkie? Any tips ?

All this talk of diets has me starving now, love a bowl of corn flakes <sigh>

*Note: Names have been changed to protect identities !

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