So, me & bread, not exactly friends are we? Makes me bloated & sluggish but there’s always a taste of more isn’t there ? I blame the yeast! One slice is never enough and when it’s toasted with lashings of butter and jam, well just yummy yum yum! And it has to be a white sliced pan, none of that crap wholemeal or multi seed, you are just kidding yourself!

But Slimming World & bread don’t really mix, you get an allowance of 60g of any wholemeal bread which is just cruel. I had to actually weigh this to find out what exactly 60g was in bread terms and it’s just a sad little slice, so goodbye bread!

But I then came across an old recipe I had for brown bread, that a lovely relative had passed down. I had not made this in ages, just out of pure laziness really. Now, this was all goodness wholemeal bread, no yeast and lovely buttermilk & honey added, I couldn’t resist making it.

So I crossed myself and said a prayer to the Slimming World gods and made it and yes, it was as delicious as I remembered!

So for anyone who wants the recipe here it is.  Its very simple and easy to make, no fancy ingredients, you should have these in the cupboard.
It’s a very simple recipe, just mix the dry ingredients with the wet and into the tin they go.  I dont normally use all the buttermilk as I find the mixture can get too wet, just gradually add & see how you go.


Now, I know you are going to ask me how many syns are in it.  Haven’t a clue!, sometimes you just have to enjoy your food without worrying about the calories/fat/sugar content & in all honestly I think this bread is a better option to some of the plastic bread out there.

Getting back to Slimming World, it is working for me, weigh in’s are going well, eating a lot healthier, although paying someone €9 a week to tell me how much I weigh is a bit mad!

Hope you enjoy the recipe x