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Ok, getting back to the room, it  badly needed a paint , as my kids are very  hands on, meaning they like to draw and scribble on my walls!.  This job, really needed to be done. The room was originally just painted white. So I decided to leave it white and freshen it up but to use my patterned paint roller in a different colour.  ( this would help hide any future scribbles I thought !)

If you are not sure what I am talking about when I mention these rollers, they are a roller with a pattern on them, you just paint on your design.   On first impressions, you think it resembles wall paper or even a hand painted design.  I found these online ages ago and they have been sitting on my shelf waiting for a project.  I have two but I decided to use the Tussock design for the playroom.  You can get the rollers from The Painted House on Etsy, and she gives great advice and tips on how to use them. Just click here  to see or just visit the website 

Using patterned paint rollers on your walls

We tested the pattern out first, on the back of the bookcase no less ( see below)  I thought the design was pretty nice.  So himself decided to get in on the action and took the lead on this project.  There is a knack to it and to be honest our lines are not very straight but I do like the effect it gave.  Some lines were not as dark.  But you can go back over these yourself later on with a brush if you wish.  The top of the wall, where it meets the ceiling also needed to be tidied up.  But because this is a busy pattern you can’t really see the mistakes unless you point them out.  Most people when they see it, think it’s wall paper at first, but I say I hand painted it ha  Can you spot the mistake on the second picture below ?!

Using patterned paint rollers on your walls

Using patterned paint rollers on your wallsHere’s a section of the wall.  You can see the bits where the roller doesn’t quiet meet  the skirting board, but I filled these bits in myself  later on.  What do you think ? We used some paint we had in a light grey, it is recommended you use emulsion paint with them.

Using patterned paint rollers on your walls


Each roller is reusable and interchangeable, and can be used with either the fabric applicator or the wall & paper applicator.  Yes, did I mention you can use these on fabric!!  I think they would be great to use on furniture too and what about trying them out on some wrapping paper, so many ideas with these.  When you are buying the rollers, you need the applicator so don’t forgot that.



I know the walls are not prefect,  but hey  it was my first time trying these rollers, I really like the effect and plan on using them more. You know what they say, practice makes perfect.


Till next time !


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Using patterned paint rollers on your walls