New .. Embroidery Patterns & Kits Release !

Finally finally got around to listing some hand embroidery patterns and I hope to have some embroidery kits listed soon!  Thanks to all who reached out to me this past week requesting these.

One thing about this whole corona virus, is that I am finally getting the time to do this kind of stuff.  Patterns & kits have been on my list so long now, so it has been really nice to finally get out my sketch book and put those drawings into a pattern format.

I hope to add more, now that the creative juices are flowing.  Hopefully, this will help some people wind down and relax a little bit at home.  I know being stuck inside is not nice for some and I hope these patterns and kits will help take your mind off the current situation ( for a few hours anyhow ) and embroidery, I find is a great stress reliever & certainly helps with your metal health!

With these types of patterns in mind, please note they are in pdf downloadable format, so one click and all the information is right there on your screen. 

Materials/tools are not supplied, you may have some yourself but if not, I will try and accommodate if you require some, please reach out.  Presently, its hard to commit to the kits, as getting in supplies is kinda hit and miss at the minute.  There's just no way to confirm deliveries from suppliers.  But I will reach out as soon as I can.


 ** You can the pdf patterns listed right here **


Thanks for your interest and now get stitching !  


Till next time 


PS Did you wash your hands?! :)