My Crochet Mandala Wall Art

MandalaHeaderWhile I love crochet, I mainly stick to projects like blankets, scarves, hats, that kind of thing.  I read and follow all kinds of crochet blogs and when I read that Wink of A Creative Being had sadly passed away I was shocked.  While I didn’t know her on a personal level, I did love her blog, for her colour and for her beautiful mandalas, she was very inspirational.  Whilst I had put these on my “to do” list of never-ending projects, I felt compelled to try one and so began my mandala obsession.

This is one of Winks patterns. I used a mixture of Rico Essentials Cotton & some Pattons Cotton on a 4mm hook.  My crochet mandala wall


And just a further note to say, there is crochet art project going on over at Crochet Concupiscence that is designed to celebrate Wink’s creative life, if you wish to read more about this, please click here.  Kathryn of Crochet Concupiscence has written a book “Crochet Saved My Life” on the many benefits of crochet, helping both your mental and physical welfare. I, for one can relate to that. Can you?  Maybe some day I will share my story with Kathryn.

Getting back to the mandalas, another blog I recently found, Redagape Design is just a feast for the eyes!  Mandy has created some beautiful mandalas and you can find them here.  I just love her designs and best of all they are free patterns, brilliant!

Mandy also uses crochet as a form of therapy and she uses the hashtag #craftastherapy on Instagram. Here people tag their craft creations (doesn’t have to be crochet by the way), she has guest moderators under the handle @craftastherapy that run a theme every week. Its a great visual to see what people see as therapy in their craft.

Here’s some of Mandy’s that I did, using Sidar Cotton & 3mm hook.

Crochet mandalas



I decided to play around with the mandalas and match them with some pretty fabric.  I placed them in some embroidery hoops of various sizes that I had.  I stained some hoops and painted others and matched them to the mandalas. I played around with some plates I tried to add them into the design.

Crochet Mandalas in hoops

Crochet Mandalas in hoopsFabric Mandala in Hoop

My crochet mandala wall artMy crochet mandala wall art



So getting to my wall! I recently painted my kitchen and had a bare wall all ready and waiting for something. So armed with the mandala hoops, some pip studio plates I had, but couldn’t bare to use, some vintage plates I had been given taken courtesy of my Dad, they were all hung. Taadaa!

My crochet mandala hoop art wall



It’s still a work in progress, I plan on adding more in time to the wall. Also, I want to work on some transfers for the plates but that’s another post. Here’s a few more Mandalas I have been working on.

This one is from Anabelia Craft Design and you can find the pattern here. It’s a coaster but I made it with Rico Essential Cotton and a 3mm hook. She has beautiful patterns, so modern and fresh looking.

My crochet mandala wall art

This one I made myself, now I didn’t write down the pattern. I just messed around with the stitches,  but not bad for a first attempt I think, maybe someday I will write up the pattern!

My Crochet Mandala Wall

Hope you enjoyed my Mandala Wall Art, what do you do with yours?

My crochet mandala wall art

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