Make your own Lampshade!

One of my favourite  upcycling shops, Kyle Lane does these little workshops on how to make your own lampshades. I was lucky enough to spot she had a special offer on them  & was able to attend.

Here’s a picture of the kit you get, its for a 30cm drum.   You get the rings, some sticky backed paper & double sided tape, a little comb thingmebob & your instructions.  Joanne also supplies the fabric for these workshops so you don’t need to bring anything.

lampshade kit

Then onto the making…. following Joanne’s instructions and in a nutshell, we peeled, stuck down and smoothed out the fabric, tucked in bits and poked around and then finally done!  Little bit tricky in places but overall very easy to do.

Here’s mine, I just love this fabric, kinda retro & in lovely shades of grey with pops of colour.

Lampshade DIY

It’s now hanging in my craft room. Result!

lampshade diy - finished result

I got another kit from Joanne & did this one myself at home  with some Cath Kidston fabric I had in my stash.

Make your own lampshade with a kit

Click here, if you want to find out more on Kyle Lane’s lampshade workshop.

If you are more of a buyer, then you can buy a finished lampshade there too.  Or if you want to try the kit & have a go yourself Joanne supplies the kits too,just have your own fabric to hand.

Great project to try & even better you can personalise it to your room.

Till next time ..!

Oh and if you want to read more on Kyle Lane’s workshops, see my posts here on her furniture techniques and chair workshop and here for the HairPin Bench Workshop

Make your own lampshade with a kit