Learn to Stitch! Part 4 How to finish your embroidery hoops

learn to stitch how to finish off your embroidery hoop ready to hang

Phew, we have made it! In the final part of this mini stitch series, I am going to discuss finishing off your embroidery piece and what methods I use.

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Ok, let's get started, there are lots of different ways to finish your off your hoops for display.  The methods I use are listed below.


Option 1
► Cut the excess fabric on the hoop, leaving a one inch border.
    ► Use some embroidery floss and tie a large knot at the end. Make sure to cut enough floss so that you will have enough for the whole circle.
      ► Do a running stitch around the whole piece, once finished, gently pull the thread at the end & the fabric should all pull gently together. Tie a big knot and its done!
        Note: Some like the exposed backs on the hoops and it shows off the backside and the stitches, me not so much, I prefer to keep it closed, no messy backside showing here !


        Option 2
        ► Place your completed embroidery piece face down and then lay an extra piece of backing fabric on top. It can be a plain or a fancy piece of fabric, it doesn’t matter, although sometimes a nice backing fabric can look well.
          ► Next, hoop up your piece as normal, you now have 2 pieces of fabric in the hoop.
            ► Now cut the excess fabric from the second backing layer of fabric down to the hoop edge.
              ► Now you have the top embroidered piece left, trim this fabric leaving a one inch border all around.
                ► Now with this excess fabric, you can cut little slits all around the fabric.
                  ► Next get your glue gun & glue this little fabric strips down onto the hoop all the way around, kinda like a pie.
                    ► You can now leave your piece like this, with your backing fabric showing. This can look really pretty, especially if you have a nice bit of fabric. Or you can finish it off with some felt. 

                      Felt back
                      ► Just cut a piece of felt the same diameter as the outside hoop you are using. Now place the felt piece inside the backside of the hoop, again like you are making a pie.  You can now glue it like before onto the hoop.  I generally do this method on all my hoops.


                      how to finish your embroidery


                      how to finish your embroidery


                      how to finish your embroidery

                      how to finish your embroidery 


                      So you don't like the wood effect on the hoop, well then you can always paint it a different colour, maybe give it a light or dark stain.  You can also use some washi tape, maybe wrap some yarn around the hoop to match your design, there are endless options here! So how to paint or stain your hoop, read on.

                      how to finish your embroidery


                      Staining / Painting Your Hoop

                      ► Disassemble the hoop and remove the metal screw. You only need to stain/paint the outer hoop.  
                        ► Give the hoop a light sand.
                          ► Using some gloves, as stain can be pretty messy to use and with a rag or a sponge brush, cover the outside of your hoop with the stain and/or paint. Wipe off any excess. You can always use one of those stain marker pens.
                            ► Leave to dry and you can then give it a light coat of varnish to seal.
                              ► When hooping up your fabric, please make sure that the stain/paint is dry thoroughly, as sometimes if not, the stain can mark your embroidery!

                                All done ! now just to find a spot on your wall to hang or just prop onto a shelf, these look great on a gallery style wall and give a bit of interest instead of the usual framed prints.


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                                Till next time!

                                how to finish off your embroidery hoops for display