Ikea Mini Storage Make Over

Playroom revamp - decor and those last minute touches that wont cost a fortune



Happy New Year to you all!  Its been a while since I posted.  Lots of things happened, mainly just so busy in December, it really caught me and I ended up chasing my tail as they say.  Then of course the household got sick and that ended all thoughts of sitting down and getting crafty.  But now the kids are back in school and I am beginning to feel normal!

I found this post and decided now’s the time to post.  A little Ikea make over …………

Love these little Ikea storage units.  I found this one while I was on the lookout for some storage for the kids playroom.  ( You can read my playroom revamp here )

I thought, it would be a good mini painting project for the kids to get stuck into.  A little Ikea upcycle project for the kids, if you will.

Here’s the unit before, still in the plastic.

Ikea mini make over

I decided to try a geometric design and leave some of the wood unpainted.  I used some frog tape to divide off the sections.  Frog tape is great as the paint won’t bled through, unlike ordinary masking tape. Then I just some some paints I had on hand, a mixture of acrylic and chalk paint.  I didn’t bother with priming it. After you have painted the sections, slowly peel off the frog tape and you should have nice clean crisp lines.

Ikea mini make overIkea mini make overIkea mini make over

Here’s the final result, nice and bright I think!

Ikea mini make over

Playroom revamp - decor and those last minute touches that wont cost a fortuneIts now taking pride of place on the kids desk, with their mother eyeing it up for her bits and pieces

Till next time !


Ikea mini make over