The corona virus sucks and here's a FREE Embroidery Pattern

Well as we know by now, this whole corona virus sucks.  If you are staying in and climbing the walls, here's a little embroidery pattern to keep you busy for a few hours.

Its pretty beginner friendly.  Just trace the outline below to your fabric.  Not sure how to do this, have a read of this post on transferring your pattern to fabric.

Gather your supplies and start stitching!  I have given some suggestions below to start you off but feel free to use whatever colours you have to hand.  Experiment with different number of strands.  A 5inch hoop should work out for this, but again you can probably scale it to fit your hoop on your printer settings.

Large flowers in blue, yellow & pink: 
use the woven rose stitch with all 6 strands of your floss. 
Leaves in various shades of green: 
 try leaf stitch or satin stitch, use 6 strands.
Stems in various shades of green
Use stem stitch and lazy daisy for the leaves, use 3 strands
or try back stitch with straight stitch and add french knots to the top of your straight stitches
Small Bud flowers in yellows:
Satin stitch, use 4 strands

You can add some french knots to the centre of the piece and maybe dot some around the piece too.  Add more or less to your liking.  Mix up the number of strands you use for these to add a bit of texture.

That's it ! If you do make it, please do tag me on instagram @themessybrunette and use #tmbpatterns 

If you need help, to hoop it up when finished your stitching, have a read of this post on finishing your hoop


Take care and remember to wash your hands !

Till next time