Etsy Shop Launch!!

So I did it! Yes I finally got around to opening an online store.  I have done it with the help of Etsy. I take my hat off to all the people who do this.  It’s no easy feat, well to me anyhow. From the photographs, SEO, learning the ropes, the dos and dont’s.  It’s been an interesting learning experience to say the least.

So here’s my link and I hope you will stop by and support me, even a like or a favorite will put a smile on my face.

Here’s some pictures to give you a taste of what I have, I hope to add more as I go along.  I have a mixture of handmade jewellery from embroidered pieces to glass tile pendents with prints and fabric jewellery.  Then there’s some hoops for your walls.  I hope to add in some crochet along the way too.

Etsy Shop Launch : The Messy


Etsy Shop Launch : The Messy Brunette.comEtsy Shop Launch : The Messy Brunette.comI am going to be hosting a giveaway to celebrate so please stay tuned for my next post tomorrow.

Till next time !

Maura x



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