Embroidery on clothes, still seems to be holding its own on the high street.   For this little project, I decided to try and embroider on my nieces denim shirt, yes another one !.  You may remember, my last attempt on denim with DMC’s magic paper on this post.

She wanted something bright and I decided to go all out for this one, because if you’re ten, you can wear anything, right ?!

Here’s a picture of the shirt before I started, just a regular shirt. The denim was a soft denim and easy to work with, some denim can be quiet stiff and hard on the hands.  I used a hoop to keep it taut and I hand drew the motifs, freehand, with a water soluble pen.  If you are not comfortable doing this, you can always sketch out a design and then cut and trace it out onto the material you are using.  Of course you can try out the DMC Magic Paper range too!


Some progress shots of the floral’s taking shape. I used all six strands to give it some texture and make the stitches stand out.  The stitches I used were mostly satin stitch and leaf stitch and some french knots were added to the mix.  I used DMC floss mostly, but for the big blue flower, I used Cosmo variations in a blue/purple combination.


 And finally, the end result.

Here’s a quick picture of my niece rockin’ the shirt.

Till next time !