Easter Bunny Crafts

Seeing as Easter is nearly upon us, I though this little Easter bunny tutorial would be something nice to craft up.

And as we are still coping with the whole Coronavirus situation, this little tutorial on making your own little bunny, might help take your mind off things for a few hours at least, and if you are feeling brave, you can grab one of your little helpers to craft along with !

Using just one simple embroidery stitch and some scrap fabric, its a quick little make.


materials for embroidered Easter bunny tutorial

► Bunny template (below), I sized this for a 6inch hoop
► 6 inch embroidery hoop to frame
► Some plain cotton fabric for your base
► Patterned piece of fabric or a contrasting coloured fabric for the bunny
► Embroidery thread
► Bondaweb (this is used to bond the bunny template to the fabric, it is an iron-on transfer adhesive with a paper backing

    ► Felt ball or pom pom for bunny's tail.
    ► Tacky glue instead of bondaweb


    note, detailed instructions are below, after the pictures ........ )

    embroidery Easter bunny tutorial


    embroidery Easter bunny tutorial

    ► Print out the template and cut the bunny shape out

    ► Next, place the template on a piece of bondaweb and trace the bunny shape onto this. In case you are wondering .... what the heck is bondaweb, well it is like paper, it has an adhesive side that helps glue down the fabric when heat is applied. 

    ► Now place this onto your patterned fabric, usually its the wrong side of fabric against the rough side of the bondaweb.  Iron the bondaweb to the fabric.  Yur fabric is now nice and stiff,  I usually trim the template here and tidy it up, as its easier to trim it this way when the fabric is a bit stiff.

    ► Next, peel off the backing on the bondaweb, by doing this, the fabric is now ready to be fused in place. 

    ► Place this piece of fabric onto the plain fabric base and iron it on.  Usually you put a damp cloth onto the fabric and iron it, you are now using the heat from the iron to fuse the bunny fabric to your base fabric.

    ► Now you have the patterned bunny fused to the plain fabric .... yay! Almost there.

    embroidery Easter bunny tutorial

    ► With 3 strands of embroidery thread, I then stitched chain stitch all the way around the bunny shape.  This just gives it a nice outline and finishes the piece off.  You can of course try any stitch you prefer or leave the stitching off altogher.

    ► For the tail, I had a small felt ball and cut it in half.  I then stitched on some lazy daisy stitches, of course you don't have to stitch these on, that's just me, I have to stitch everything!  I then glued this down onto the bunny shape and let it set.  
    If you don't have any felt balls, fear not, try making a small pom pom and gluing this on instead.

    embroidery Easter bunny tutorial

    ► Hoop up your bunny now and tidy the fabric at the back.  You can try and paint the hoop if you like too ( not sure how to finish the back, here's another post to help out on that), maybe add a ribbon and you're done! 

    The glue I used is Hi Tack all purpose glue.  You can also use this for fusing the patterned fabric to the plain fabric if you don't have any bondaweb. This stuff is great.

    If you do try and make one, please do tag me on your social media accounts, I'd love to see and share your makes, you can find me on Instagram.


    Till next time !



    Oh! I also have some bunny patterns listed on my website, if you want to try your hand at these patterns, they are listed here, along with some other embroidery patterns. They are a variation on this and have detailed instructions.  Buying these patterns helps my little business a long way, so thank you & take care!