I have been busy making these little pieces for someone who wanted to decorate their daughters rooms.

Dress up with walls with these Felt flowers on hoops

These pieces all use felt.  Now, I had not really worked with felt in such a long time,  I had memories from school days with this really stiff stuff that was really unmanageable so I suppose that put me off.  But more than likely it was the acrylic stuff.  But it’s really the wool blend felt that you need to work on with projects.  So totally different to work with and I am really liking it to stitch with.  On one of my last  posts  here, I did a gift for a housewarming and one of the hoops was in felt.

So if you want to give these a try here’s a brief synopsis …..Hoops for a Feature Wall

  • Pick your materials, I used a floral fabric against plain coloured felt on a 5 inch hoop
  • I cut the shape out, in this case a heart with some scallop scissors, you can’t really see the edging but it’s there
  • I glued down the heart with fabric glue
  • Then I stitched on some flowers, in this case I used the woven wheel stitch and some french knots with some lazy daisies thrown in.
  • As suggested on Instagram, I finished it off with a running stitch, outlining the heart shape.
  • I then stained the hoop, added a ribbon and it’s ready to hang.

Here’s some more I did…..

Dress up with walls with these Felt flowers on hoops

This one is using the same principle as above, but  here I embroidered the outline in a whipped running stitch.  Then I sewed down the felt flowers, I prefer to sew them down rather than gluing.  I used some felt balls here too and stitched in a little flower button.  The felt balls are cut in two, makes them sit better.  I tidied up the edges with a felting needle.

On the next hoop, like the one above I used more felt flowers and leaves.  The leaves are made from some yummy glitter gold fabric.  I had this for ages in my stash and decided now’s the time to use it.  I like how they came up. I stitched on some lazy daisies to the felt balls.

Dress up with walls with these Felt flowers on hoops

I am still working on this one as I type, but thinking it’s more or less done.  The colour on this felt is just great, it doesn’t show up great on the screen but it looks great against the pink.  Silver glitter leaves are used on this one mixed in with green stitched ones.

Dress up with walls with these Felt flowers on hoops

Till next time !

Enjoy Maura x