Crochet Summer Wreath

Is summer here?! finally ….. so I made a little crochet wreath with some flowers and I even added a little butterfly …..

Crochet your own flower wreath

If you want to make one, it’s pretty simple. All you need is a one of those white polystyrene rings and some yarn.   I wrapped my yarn around the wreath a couple of times, now you could also crochet it on, whatever suits. Then I crocheted a mix of flowers and leaves.  I placed them on the wreath with some pins, stuck them down well, you could glue but I find the pins easier.  I added a ribbon and a little felt ball and hung.

The patterns I used are as follows:-

Rose Pattern :
I used this pattern from bhooked, it’s a really simple pattern.  I changed up my hook size and sometimes I chained less or more to make the flower bigger or smaller.  I also used this pattern from Mama in a Stitch, a nice simple little deco rose pattern.

Crochet your own flower wreath

Butterfly Pattern :
I used this one from Planet Penny Gives a nice 3D effect to the butterfly

Crochet your own flower wreath

For the Floppy Daisy flowers on top, at least I think they are daisies, I used a pattern from Emma Lambs Crochet Home Book, which I reviewed hereAnd for the smaller flowers, I used another pattern from her book.

Crochet your own flower wreath

I always use this pattern I don’t know where I got it from, I think it was from my old crochet class.  It’s simple enough.

Chain 8, dc, *htr, 3 tr, htr, dc, chain 3 & ss to 3rd chain, then along the other side repeat from *

I added in some felt balls too along the way too.

Crochet your own flower wreath

Thats it, have you done any wreaths?

I think they give a nice touch in a room.  I want to try another one out, but this time using some felt.

Till next time !


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