Craft Room Tour

Craft Room Make OverI did a major over haul, over the Christmas break, (soooo long ago at this stage) of my craft room or should I start calling it ‘The Studio’ now?

I took a few pics, as we all like a good nose around others’ work spaces.  Here’s a few before pictures.  It had gotten very cluttered and was beginning to bug me, as there was stuff everywhere. Like many crafters, I hate throwing stuff out because I think I will need it for some project or other.  So, I had to be ruthless and just  bin stuff!  Away I went and cleaned it all out!! I might add, the craft room was really two tiny rooms at the back of the house. ( its was a granny flat attached to the main house ) Here’s the before pictures taken at different angles.  Remember this was in December so the pictures are not that great, but you get the idea.

Craft Room Make Over Craft Room Make Over Craft Room Make Over Craft Room Make Over

Of course, me being me, I decided that I would casually drop a hint to himself ‘sure will we knock the wall and make it bigger’ and much to my surprise, he agreed.  This was all decided over the Christmas break I might add, and himself was on a bit of a break, but  we like a good old project,  himself and myself.  Sure, I wasn’t to know he would get that awful dose of flu going around, the Australia one I might add.  This delayed things of course. The trip to IKEA was cut short as himself decided there and then he was in a bad way and may need an ambulance, I hadn’t even reached Market Hall  yet!  So I put on my best concerned face, dumped him at the restaurant, gave him fluids  and raced to Market Hall and got the bits I needed.  My brother met us with his van, where upon we off loaded the IKEA essentials onto him and off we drove home.  Himself feeling very sorry for himself, there was lots of sniffing and croaking.  Me, saying a silent prayer and hoping to Christ he would at least be able to hang a few things the next day.

Here’s a picture after the wall was knocked and it was looking very bare and sad.

Craft Room Make Over


One week later he had just about recovered,  and the painting and hanging commenced! I, of course then put my back out, so more waiting and staring at said room with horror, would it every bloody be finished ?!  Here’s a few pictures of the room. Oh and my wallpapered floor got an upgrade, that was one of my first posts and I still get asked about it, but sadly it had to go!

Craft Room Make OverCraft Room Make OverCraft Room Make Over

And finally, we got our act together. It was freshly painted, new flooring was put down, bits and bobs got hung. My Dad put the tables together after a lot of muttering about the crap instructions, me handing out tea and muttering in sympathy, whilst trying not to eye roll.

Craft Room Make OverCraft Room Make OverCraft Room Make OverCraft Room Make Over

So happy with this little space, its lovely and bright now the wall was knocked.  I can dump all my stuff here and close the door on it till I’m ready to tackle it again.   The kids like to visit and himself on occasion brings me tea.

Till next time !


PS Special thanks to himself,  I am forever grateful !!