So I decided to take part in the CraftBlogClub Challenge, hosted by Fiona of Fizzi Jayne Makes & Katie from Katie Gets Crafty.   I found out about this through the #CraftBlogClub Twitter Chat, which is a weekly chat for craft lovers and bloggers alike.  It’s on every Tuesday from 7pm – 8:30pm. Just follow @CraftBlogClub and use the #CraftBlogClub or read about it here  I am a newbie to Twitter so that was a great way to get to know & follow crafty people. I just took the plunge one night & joined in and it was full of friendly like minded people. So if you want to get involved with the chats, just look for @CraftBlogClub over on Twitter. You won’t be disappointed!

Now back to the challenge.  This years challenge was based around learning a new craft or technique, you can read more about the challenge here.  I decided to try some embroidery. Now my sewing skills are not the best & I regularly have spats with my machine but hand sewing is not so fussy, so I thought, & I love love hoops as seen in this post and fabric of course.  But I do love looking at embroidery pieces, they really are like little pieces of art.   I definitely think this was the push i needed to get started.

Here’s few pictures of my process & some finished pieces ….. what do you think?

My contribution to the CraftClubBlog ChallengeMy contribution to the CraftClubBlog Challenge


My contribution to the CraftClubBlog Challenge

Embroidery Hoop - CraftBlog Challenge


I have Jenny Hart’s book “Sublime Stitching  – hundreds of hip embroidery patterns and how to” and if you don’t know Jenny Hart, then get yourself  acquainted, as she has brought modern embroidery into the light.  This book has some wonderful designs and there are loads of transfers at the back of the book.  I just transfered the image to my fabric by ironing it on, simples!.  The fabric was some I had from good old Ikea.  I used 3 strands of Embroidery floss and a 5 inch hoop.  With the second hoop, I just used some perle embroidery thread and used the stem stitch.

I am loving embroidery so far and I am trying out some other stitches.  I have found the following sites/blogs particular good to start you off.

If you want to see my work in progress, I mostly use Instagram, you can find me here and I also have a board on Embroidery on Pinterest for some inspiration, you can find me here.

I started this little one a while ago, I used a heart motif & stitched the word Love, really like stitching letters! I did the outline of the heart in stem stitch.  I stained the hoop on this one, think it looks better.

Embroidery Hoop - CraftBlog Challenge

Embroidery HoopsHave you joined in on the challenge ? You can have a peek at what others having been trying over here.  There is a linky also if you wish to join in.

Till next time  – enjoy!