New! Celestial Inspired Handmade Necklaces

celestial inspired handmade necklacecelestial inspired handmade necklacecelestial inspired handmade necklacecelestial inspired handmade necklace


"The moon falls everyday
Just for the sun to rise up
Maybe, that's celestial love"  Esoteric


Finally, the necklaces are here! These ones are inspired by all things celestial.  You can choose between 4 different types.  All necklaces are handmade from start to finish with birch and/or cherry hardwood.  Some feature eco friendly glitter and there's gorgeous metallic leaf in others, all encased in resin and finished off with silver or gold chains.

This collection is new, so I will be adding more to this range in time.  I had hoped to have more ready in time for the Christmas period, but alas, like so many other things, the Covid situation has made a lot of things difficult as regards getting in supplies and tracking down deliveries. But do keep your eyes peeled for more to come in this range.  Newsletter peeps, there's a discount heading your way, so watch out for that email tomorrow (Friday), if you haven't signed up already, there's still time.


As always, thank you for your support, especially more so in these very trying times.


To see necklaces, please check here 


Till next time!


celestial inspired handmade hand painted wood necklaces