At this stage you know I love love love workshops in Kyle Lane, you can read my other post on their upcycling workshops here

Hairpin Leg Bench Workshop

Well Joanne has a new one out now, called simply The Hairpin Leg Bench Workshop This was definitely my cup of tea. I signed up straight away !

As usual, Joanne supplied all the parts and this workshop was broken down into little segments like …. how to paint your hairpin legs, information on the foam that was used, some techniques on upholstery and applying upholstery buttons to your piece, if you wanted and finally attaching those legs!

All Joanne’s workshops have a theme and she dresses up the shop for it.  We got treated to a movie night theme, so there was popcorn of all types, some Coke Cola, way too many nachos which I happily muched on all day! sweets of all sorts, crackers and cheese, teas and coffee.  If you are dieting then you need strong will power because I couldn’t stay away from the treat table!

Here’s some pictures on the day …………

Hairpin Leg Bench Workshop


Hairpin Leg Bench WorkshopHairpin Leg Bench WorkshopBench10Hairpin Leg Bench WorkshopThis bench is 37inches wide and 13inches deep, perfect for the end of a bed or a hallway.  Mine is sitting in my hall.

Hairpin Leg Bench Workshop

Hairpin Leg Bench WorkshopI have to say this one was my favourite of all the workshops.  You can have a peek at her workshops here.

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