3 Quick Christmas Projects

3 quick Christmas projects to do
Take one ball of christmassy yarn & some old curtain rings! Just double crochet around the rings and add some embellishments like a star or some bells and other little bits you may have lying around and ta da instant decorations!

Use some old curtain rings and crochet around them with some christmas yarn, use for decoration

Use some old curtain rings and double crochet around with some christmas yarn and hey presto some decorations !


Take some old curtain rings and crochet Christmas Decorations

Christmas wreath, with some yarn wrapped around the ring, add some crochet stars, all done.

Handmade Christmas Wreath with some yarn and some crochet stars


Take some wooden clothes pegs, pull apart and glue the pegs back to back.  Make them into a star shape and glue all the pegs together.  Paint and distress for a rustic look and instant christmas stars!

Before ……

Take some wooden clothes pegs & turn into christmas stars, perfect for the kids to do! Before Picture ..

and after ……

Take some wooden clothes pegs and turn them into christmas stars!

Hope you enjoyed these quick projects. What have you done?

Till next time