Yes, I am still here! a crafty catch up …. another one!

I have been slow on the blogging front lately…… so many wips but so little time! The usual story I suppose with us crafters.  Since I opened my Etsy shop, I have been busy there too, trying to keep it up to date and all those listings and tags aahhh!

So this post really is just to pop in and say hello, yes I am still here 🙂 a little catch up if you will.  So here’s a few pictures of work I have been doing lately ….

I was asked by Toni from TL Yarn Crafts to test a pattern for her, she has lovely patterns and her Mega Pom beanie hat pattern is one of my favorites.  Here’s a link to her Etsy shop. This is  a crochet scarf pattern using the moss stitch.  Here’s my take on her pattern.  She is hoping to release this soon, so keep your eyes peeled.

Moss Stitch Crochet Scarf
I did a few custom embroidery hoops, I really had to lock myself away and concentrate on these but I was pretty pleased with the outcome.  I even managed to feed the kids in between!

Custom Name Embroidery Hoop Art


I won some lovely goodies from another blogger buddy, Emma from Emma’s Crafty Projects.  These arrived this week, all the way from Australia.  The yarn is gorgeous, I have never used something like this before, so saving it for a special project.  my crafty win

The kids fought over the little plushie (that’s why its not in the picture, I wasn’t allowed !) they are now requesting more to be made.  Hmm I will admit, amigurumi I find is fiddly and takes me forever!  She also gave me some embroidery threads and a lovely cross stitch book marker.  So thank you once again Emma!

my crafty win


The Easter holidays are here, I was trying to do some Easter crafts but its not happening.  My computer is being upgraded hopefully next week, so I hope to get more organised with everything.  Normally I am good with organizing stuff but lately I have been all over the place!  I have also been wondering about upgrading the blog, taking the plunge and going self hosting, therefore have more control over the layout.  I am in the middle of working out a new logo/branding, so bare with me.

I did a big tidy up on my boards over on Pinterest, you can find me here and please leave your pinterest name in the comments section below and I will follow back, I need to find more people to follow.  Speaking of social media, anyone on Twitter or Facebook even ? I confess I am not a fan of Facebook but I have been wondering lately if I should start a page over there. What do you think ?

And finally, I am working on an up cycling project, I just need the weather to behave so I can take a decent picture! so hopefully my next post will be that.

Till next time!




15 thoughts on “Yes, I am still here! a crafty catch up …. another one!

  1. Zeens and Roger says:

    I’ve been calling the moss stitch, linen stitch! Just googled, it’s also called granite stitch! So confusing.
    I find that Facebook has been a waste of time. I still use it because there are a few people that follow the links to my blog but it seems to have peaked about five years ago for small businesses (that’s what I’ve been told anyway). Twitter, hmm, I’m rubbish at twitter. I’ve not tried hard enough but if it’s something that requires effort, well, it’s not for me!!
    Loving your projects, your embroidery is so pretty. And I think the crochet is great too. Quite fancy that! xxx


    • themessybrunette says:

      Yes I have heard it called the linen stitch too, why do they have different names for the one stitch !

      Yes feedback on Facebook is you’re going to be paying for it! I’m not a fan of it at all. Twitter is good tho , it’s like having random chats all over the place ha!

      Watched your vlog earlier & iii be keeping an eye on that unicorn fabric, like we all need a unicorn in our lift right 😜


  2. MrsCraft says:

    I am on Pinterest but can’t remember my username, I have a Facebook page and twitter but I don’t really use Twitter. I’ll find you on Pinterest. 😊


  3. Emma says:

    The scarf looks great, I really like the colours you’ve chosen! So pretty! And I have to say, your pic of what I sent you looks so much better than the picture I took 😂 I need to work on my photography skills!

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  4. themessybrunette says:

    Aw thanks Catherine , I will pop over later & find you. I like twitter but it does move fast !

    Yes I’m still checking things out with self hosting there’s a lot of learning there isn’t there


  5. Catherine says:

    You have been busy! I certainly know the feeling. Your work is really gorgeous! I’ve just followed you on Pinterest- I’m at hillviewemb on Pinterest, Hillview Embroidery on Facebook (still learning and working out the best way to approach it!), and I’ve just opened a Twitter account. But I’m lost there! I’ve just moved to self hosted too. I spent so long wondering if I should or shouldn’t, but I’m glad I did, even if I really don’t know what I’m doing, the potential is at least there for my plans later this year now! Happy Easter!


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