St Patricks Day DIY – using colouring pencils in your Embroidery

Using colouring pencils with embroideryA post for St. Patricks Day!  This is our National Holiday here so I wish you all a  Happy St. Patricks Day for the 17th ( not paddys day and not pattys day, mind !)

Anyways onto the project on hand – using colouring pencils with embroidery. What! I hear you say, why, yes, yes  you can…..

I used this technique recently when embroidering up a shamrock, and thought I would share the process here.

Firstly, I just outlined the shamrock using stem stitch , I did two rows around and filled in the edges a bit more. I confess I was a bit lazy and really didn’t want to fill in the rest of the shamrock so I had the brain wave of colouring in the rest with colouring pencils.  If you follow the Kitchsy Stitcher on Instagram, you’ll know she uses this technique a lot in her work, so I decided I would give it a go here.

I already had some water colouring pencils in my stash, nothing special about them, just a regular brand I had.

Using colouring pencils with embroidery

So I just coloured in the fabric like you would with paper.  When it was coloured in, I used a small paint brush dipped in water and blended in the colour more.  I did this until I was happy with the result.  I confess I wasn’t mad about it so I left it there to dry.  When I checked the next day, it was so much better ! It dried a lot brighter and it blended in really well.  I heat set it with my iron but  I don’t think it really matters if you don’t do this step, as its not going to be washed.

Here it is all hooped up and ready to go. What ya think ? I must try this more in my embroidery.

Using colouring pencils with embroidery

Till next time ! ….. oh  ……. and Happy St. Patrick’s Day 🙂


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7 thoughts on “St Patricks Day DIY – using colouring pencils in your Embroidery

  1. Zeens and Roger says:

    Lovely! I’m sure I’ve got some watercolour pencils somewhere… You always make me want to pick up my old embroidery stuff. I think I’ll add it back on my list of crafty stuff to do…Cheers!


    • themessybrunette says:

      I had some for colouring books but I never did get into that phase ha!

      Thanks Rosina, I’m loving your crochet lately I’m working on a shawl at the minute trying to get back into it .


      • Zeens and Roger says:

        People were buying me colouring books when it became a big thing. I don’t think I ever opened any of them!
        Cheers! I’ve hardly done any crochet this week. Thought the rest would do my shoulder good (it hurts). Worried it was due to crochet but it doesn’t appear to be linked. :/


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