How to make a cute String Art project

A little crafty project for a rainy day ….. or any kind of a day! All you need is some string and nails.

Here’s one piece I did recently

A tutorial on a simple string art project

If you want to try it out, here’s what I did, it’s very simple and only takes about an hour or so.


  • String, I used some crochet thread I had, you could try embroidery thread, some yarn or any kind of string you have sitting around really.
  • Scissors
  • Pin head nails
  • Hammer
  • Glue, I used mod podge.
  • Piece of wood, I used a scrap piece I had, nothing fancy to it
  • Template of the shape you are going to use
  • Paper or paint, if you want to dress the wood or you could just leave the wood as.


  1.  I traced my shape onto the paper first & cut it out.

A tutorial on a simple string art project

2.  I then used some glue & stuck the paper to the wood

3.  I then hammered the nails around the shape making sure I placed them well, I didn’t hammer them in too hard but enough that they were in place & not likely to come out. Be careful here with your fingers !

A tutorial on a simple string art project

4.  Now for the design, grab your thread & begin treading it around the nails. I went up & down then across over & back . I kept going until I was happy with the look. Sometimes I had to push the thread down the nails, I wanted it to look full. Glue the final thread down.

A tutorial on a simple string art project

That’s it! I am thinking maybe a little knob or hook might look good on this piece what do you think?

You could also try doing some of these with the kids, of course only letting them do the thread part, a kid with a hammer ouch! It would be good for their fine motor skills.

Here’s a little project I did with my kids, they wanted stars, so I used some cookies cutters I had on hand and some map paper I had in my stash. I used some brightly coloured cotton yarn and let them off, not bad ….

a simple little string art project for kidsa simple little string art project for kids


Definite going to try this again, I have an idea for a bigger design . I have created a string art board on Pinterest for inspiration, have a look and see what you think.

Till next time …!

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21 thoughts on “How to make a cute String Art project

  1. Becky, Cuddle Fairy says:

    This is such a great project idea! I love the heart & the stars. They are a lovely craft idea for kiddies too. Thanks so much for joining us at #BloggerClubUK x

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  2. debsrandomwritings says:

    Hi Maura, this reminds me of a picture my parents had on the wall of the house I grew up in. It was a picture created with ‘pins’ and coloured string on a solid black background.

    You string projects are nice, simple and very effective, I like the stars the best.


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  3. Zeens and Roger says:

    I haven’t got the patience and my nails would, no doubt go wonky! I think it’s a great idea to get your kids involved in this kind of project. My kids would probably go wild and wrap the thread around all the furniture too :/

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