Valentines – Let’s Folk It!

Valentines & Folk ArtNot a massive fan of Valentine’s Day I admit, there I said it!  So we have to pick one day in the year to be all lovely jubbly with each other …. meh!

It’s not a big deal in our house, now don’t get me wrong, we do like each other sometimes, even the L word passes our lips but it’s not a big event to us.  I just hope he reads this & remembers to get me some of those new Green & Black’s Chocolate Thins that are out!

Back to the project on hand, so I was thinking about a project to do for Valentines.  My son wants to bring in a little gift to his teacher, so looking around the house, I discovered I do seem to like hearts, a lot. ( Mmmmm, maybe there is an old romantic waiting to get out! )  Then I remembered I had ordered a folk it art painting kit online.  This could be the project for Valentine’s, result!

Folk It are based in the UK and they supply the kits and the necessary items to teach you how to paint folk art.  Now you don’t have to an artist to do this, in fairness my painting skills are not that great, I will paint a table, chair whatever but to actually draw something, well not so good there I’m afraid.  I first saw some of these kits on Instagram, where people had posted under the hashtag #folkit and they looked great and doable. I was hooked!  Folk Art painting is a technique that you can learn, you use a series of brushstrokes to create flowers, leaves, ribbons and other little decorative bits.  The starter kit includes everything you need to get going and has a DVD to show you the techniques involved.

Here’s a peek at my kit.

Folk Art Kit


Now I did practise a little bit before I worked on my projects, with this kit you are using the dotting tool.  So it’s just working on painting some dots, sounds simple enough ? Well, yes it is!

Here’s what I did, using the supplies in the kit.

Folk Art Painting - Distressed heart and painted used the folk art techniques

Folk Art Painting - Card making with this techniqueThe card and the heart are perfect for Valentine’s and anything handmade goes down well in this house.

Folk Art Painting - Distressed heart and painted used the folk art techniques

I will definitely be trying out the other kits, thinking they would be great to use in some upcycle projects.

I used the techniques on these little hearts I had from last year, I already had painted & distressed them so I used the dotting tool and folked it!

Folk Art Painting - Distressed heart and painted used the folk art techniques

Folk Art Painting - Distressed heart and painted used the folk art techniques

If you want to find out more about Folk It, click here to see their starter kits.  I also created a board in Pinterest, if you want to take a peek click here, I hope to add to it.

Love to know if any of you have tried this and what projects did you use it on?

Have a Happy Valentines too, by the way !

Folk Art Painting - Distressed heart and painted used the folk art techniques

Till next time x

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26 thoughts on “Valentines – Let’s Folk It!

  1. amylovestosew says:

    Oh this is lovely – gonna have to get me one of those kits. What you’ve done with them is gorgeous. And good to know we’re not the only ones who let Valentines pass us by – was beginning to think perhaps I was being the Valentine equivalent of Scrooge (and may get visited by ghosts of Valentines past, present and future tomorrow night!) Mind you, with a three month old baby, maybe we need a bit of romance scheduled in at the moment…


    • themessybrunette says:

      Ha ! I would not like to be visited by some of my old valentines ha ! You must be v busy with a 3 month old so you def deserve a bit of romance ! I love these kits & so easy to use going to get me more as soon as pay day is in …..

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  2. Pouch Vintage (@pouchvintage) says:

    I love these kits, I’ve never heard of them before either. We have those hearts too, the ones hanging from the jute string…think I bought them in the range. I love the painting you’ve done here. Could definitely use these techniques on other crafty/upcycling projects. Thank you for linking up with #craftingismytherapy

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jennifer says:

    That is really lovely! I’d not heard of these kits before but I’ll definitely be looking them up, I have some wooden hearts too that I want to decorate. We’re not big on Valentine’s Day either, we exchange cards and my husband always buys me a box of Maltesers (I know I have some this year because I found them when I was unpacking the shopping) and that’s about it!

    Liked by 1 person

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