We love you Jools!!!!

Jools Gig2


Myself & the main man in our house, went on a bit of date last night. We had tickets for the Jools Holland gig in the Bord Gais Theatre.  Tickets were bought way back in January, for his birthday in August.  Now, aren’t I the little organised freak! So we headed up to the big smoke, where we ate and drank some pizza & beer,  with no smallies hanging out of us.  Felt a bit strange eating hot food and being actually allowed finish something in peace.

Jools Gig1
Image courtesy of Deathtostock, my camera died but isn’t this a delight?!, normal people eating, no food on the floor even!

Now back to Jools, it’s actually Jools Holland & his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra, to be pedantic. It’s a 20 piece outfit which consists of a drummer, vocal singers, saxophones, trumpets and trombone players, pianist/organist (Jools himself) & a bass guitar.  He always has some special guests and last night it was the turn of Pauline Black & Gaps Henderickson from The Selector, a ska band and boy were they were brilliant?!! Really got the crowd going, singing James Bond and Under Pressure.  Another guest vocalist was Ruby Turner, who sang last year and she has this really big powerful voice.  She justs belts them out.

It was over too soon, as are all good things, so we dutifully made our way home.  No pub crawl here. We finally got home 2 hours later to find we had been locked out.  Our babysitter had forgotten to leave the keys out. So after much fumbling in the dark, (not that kind, we are married now!) searching for the spare keys that were carefully hidden, (somewhere in the garden a long time ago but of course we couldn’t remember where!), we eventually got in.

Thanks Jools and gang for a great night, till next year !

Jools Gig3